As another blanket of snow comes our way…

As another blanket of snow comes our way…

Tough times, is what we seem to be having a lot of lately.  The unprecedented moments can be trying for everyone.  Life is a balance of yin and yang - can’t have good without some bad.  It’s nature’s way of giving us a reality check now and again.

So, what we do in our household? Create food, love and share it with a great bottle of wine, or your favourite beer.  In Korean, we call this AnJu - side accompaniments with any alcoholic beverage.  

In the UK, it’s called a Ploughman’s Lunch - A Charcuterie board in France - Antipasto in Italy - call it what you may - it’s just plates or boards of deliciousness.

Tiny restaurants and taverns in Argentina and Spain dotted winding trails cross-crossing the countryside.  For weary travellers, samples of food were offered.  In North America, we know this as appetizers, whereby the Spaniards call it tapas.

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