What the D*LL?!

What the D*LL?!

Winnipeg is a thriving city, appreciated for its history and cultural diversity. It is famous for its world-class attractions, its many winter and summer festivals, and its top-notch food scene. A big city with a small-town vibe, Winnipeg is loved by locals and tourists alike (Christine Fisher, HeyExplorer.com; 2021)

Turn back the clocks to the early 80’s, when big hair, shoulder pads, and air guitar was as famous as the disco one decade before.  A chicken finger diner establishes itself in downtown Winnipeg, a mom and pop shop with tons of character.  Who knew that one evening, a mistake would put Winnipeg on the map with their now famous Honey Dill dipping sauce.

We tip our hands off to Mitzi’s honey dill, blending our house hot mustard, honey and prairie grown dill.  A must-have definitely!!!!

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